Healthy You Program FAQ's

Q: What is Healthy You ?

A: Healthy You provides an engaging and rewarding experience that guides participants down a path to healthier lifestyle decisions and behaviors that ultimately leads to better health. Through routine and regular engagement, we enable members to achieve personal goals that increase their productivity and help reduce healthcare costs. We are dedicated to creating a culture of health and well being in which all participants can help improve and/or maintain their physical and financial health. Our approach applies a complete engagement strategy that employs the science of gamification and incentive design, connects members with their own social networks and allows you to use the latest mobile devices and wearables for accurate self-reporting. This means a healthier life overall and greater well-being for you!

Q: What is a wellness program?

A: Wellness programs encourage health risk prevention and promote improved health among participating members.

Q: How do we guide members on their wellness journey?

A: At Healthy You, participants are guided through a personalized wellness journey designed to help them achieve their unique health goals. Progress is tracked and displayed through a "Wellness Score." Points are accumulated for successfully completing activities like health assessments, quizzes, tracking daily activities, weekly challenges, and various other interactions. Rewards will be given in the form of tokens, for the completion of activities, as decided by your company in the incentive program. Through the use of your personalized "Social Feed," participants can recruit support from friends and co-workers on their journey to better health.

Q: How can Healthy You improve your overall health and wellness?

A: Healthy You helps guide you on your wellness journey by offering simple and engaging steps to better health. Healthy-game play will become part of your everyday routine. Our goal is to create an atmosphere that allows you to track your progress and create goals that will continue to motivate you. You can log-in via your computer or a mobile application that can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play for all smartphones and tablet devices (iOS and Android).

Q: How will I receive my Healthy You Login Credentials?

A: You will receive an e-mail invitation to log in and begin your journey. The default login credentials for Employees is the e-mail address and a password key received in the e-mail invitation. For dependents, the login will be their first name and last name (firstname.lastname) and a supplied password key.

Q: When I log in to the site for the first time, what should I do?

A: During your first visit to the site, Healthy You requires you to personalize and change your password. Please select a password that is easy enough to remember but strong enough not to be easily guessed. Additionally, you will be prompted to provide a PIN when accessing your personal information on the "My Health" tab. This is an extra measure of security Healthy You takes to ensure your information is secure.

Q: Where do I start?

A: Once you've logged into the site and changed your password, you will be directed to your own home page and you will start with your set of health assessments.

Q: I have finished the Health Assessments. What do I do next?

With each card you complete, more cards will appear for you to play. Some will provide content for you to learn from, some are for tracking certain actvities, and there are also weekly challenges.

Q: What is the home page all about?

This is the first place you see when you log onto the site. You will see your daily health cards, pending challenge cards, contact requests and social feed. From here you can visit various sections of the site including your profile. You can upload a photo, tell other members about yourself, talk about your favorite activities, healthy foods, etc. Additionally, your home page will allow you to share information with other members you select on the social feed, comment on posts, invite new friends into your circle and navigate to assessments and trackers.

Q: What are these three main tabs that I see?

A: The "my community" assists you with your connections and communication with other members on the site. You can share stories, articles, posts and offer helpful advice. The side panels will also show you your current wellness score, a list of your connections, and a list of cards available for you today. The "my activities" is your key to tracking your activities. Here you will complete various assessments, find helpful educational content, activities to perform, and personal challenges to undertake. "my health" is your personal health record storage space on the Healthy You site. You can upload personal medical information such as your BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol, and other information such as physical dimensions and weight. This private information is secured by an additional security PIN number that you select.

Q: What cards will I be getting and how often will they appear?

Assessment cards -- appear once per type, one after the other: physical, emotional, and social.
Content cards -- show after assessments, with new ones appearing after a couple of months.
Tracking cards -- show after completing new content, are performed periodically, and reset monthly.
Challenge cards -- appear on a weekly basis, and can be played several times.

Q: How do the tracking cards work?

A: Each tracking card needs to be played a certain number of times per month in order to receive a score. You will see a counter at the top of the page, such as "(10) more to go". When you play the card at least once for a given day, the counter will go down by 1. When it reaches zero, you have finished the card for the month and will get your points awarded. You can still use the card at any time, as it will log your activity. The more you do, the healthier you can become. Upon the next month, the counter resets. The tracker card will be available throughout the plan year.

Q: The new month started and my tracker card reset, but I did not see my score increase. Why?

A: In order to get awarded points for playing the tracker, you must make the minimum number of repetitions, for the specified number of individual days. For instance, if your tracker card says you need to play it a minimum of 10 times, that means 10 distinctly separate days (multiple times in one day counts only as one time). So before the month is up, be sure the counter has gone down to zero. Also, please wait several days for the processing to take place and the score count to be updated. Likewise, you can also go to the card history page to view what cards you have completed.

Q: I completed an assessment card but when I open it the card is still playable. Why?

A: You have the option of doing the assessment again if you would prefer to revise your answers. Please note that you get credit for answering it only once.

Q: What is my score number actually showing me?

A: Each time you successfully complete a card, you get points added to your score. Some cards add more points than others. So the more activities you finish, the higher your score. Please note that assessments and content cards are considered completed only once and tracker cards can be completed once per month for score credit.

Q: I am receiving some e-mail notifications from Healthy You. Can I turn this off?

A: Yes, simply go to the settings page (click the "gear" icon) and then click on "communications". Here you can change what notifications you want to receive. You may wish to unselect the new activity assigned notification.

Q: Can I choose the type of activity I complete to earn points?

A: The Healthy You site will guide you through a series of questions, educational content, and activities. Participating in these tasks will accumulate your wellness score. As an example, physical wellness allows you to track any physical activity you perform including aerobics, running, softball, tennis, etc.

Q: Can Healthy You help me lose weight?

A: Healthy You can give you the tools to successfully reach your weight loss goals. Through educational content and weight management tools, you can learn how to take control. Utilizing various programs within the system including hydration tracking, calorie counting, activity tracking and weighing yourself regularly, losing and managing your weight will become second nature.

Q: What other kinds of things can the Healthy You site do to help me become healthier?

A: Not only is there plenty to learn about being physically active and managing your weight, but you will also be introduced to educational materials, activity trackers and challenges that help you with your diet, emotional wellness, sleep habits and lifestyle choices. Healthy You can teach you how to reduce stress and alcohol consumption, or eliminate smoking. Additionally, you can participate in weekly challenges, as well as group challenges with your co-workers.

Q: Does this site give any kind of HRA (Health Risk Assessment)?

A: The conventional way a typical HRA is presented is by a very long list of questions that can be tedious and bothersome to fill out. At Healthy You , we break out such questions into multiple assessments spread out over time. Additionally, other information is gathered from your tracker activities and from medical information provided on your profile.

Q: I'm already healthy; how will this program benefit someone like me?

A: Many of you may already be healthy and make wise decisions regarding your well being. This program can help you continue to maintain your current health and drive you to motivate others as they look to succeed in reaching their goals. You can offer helpful hints, recipes, workout routines, and other related advice and as a result even improve your own health and fitness.

Q: Where do I go to change my password, PIN or security question?

A: Changing your password, security question or your PIN may be done at any time from the Profile & Settings menu.

Q: How often will I receive my individual Healthy You progress report?

A: Healthy You provides comprehensive individual reports to each participant. This consists of information about your activities, measures of your progress, and results of your completions. Generally, reports are sent on a bi-weekly basis, depending upon your employer's choice, but you can also look at your current status at any time in the "my activities" tab.

Q: What kind of rewards might I receive for participating on Healthy You ?

A: At this time, your company will provide rewards based on the Healthy You incentive program. In the future, other types of incentive programs will become available.

Q: What to do if I cannot log into my account?

A: If you cannot verify your correct password, you may use the password reset function or contact Healthy You for assistance.

Q: What if I still have questions?

A: Healthy You is here to help! You can reach us simply by clicking here to find out more in the Contact Us section.